Healthy Schools Healthy Kids

Schools provide vital infrastructure services to surrounding communities and students--underscoring the importance of keeping them clean, safe, healthy, and open during the ongoing public health emergency.

Clean Schools Serve the Local Community
Schools provide critical services to their communities, including:

Student meals
Employment opportunities
Support programs, including meals, social services, and mental health support services
The equivalent of daycare services, allowing parents and guardians to go to work during the day

These services cannot be provided or effectively managed outside of a face-to-face learning environment, which means classrooms must be open, teachers and supporting faculty and staff must be in attendance, meals must be prepared, and facilities must be available.

SARS-CoV-2 Can Last On Surfaces For Weeks

As time progresses and more studies are conducted, our knowledge regarding the function and behavior of SARS-CoV-2, including its survivability rate outside of the human body on various fomites, continues to expand.

Coronavirus Survivability on Surfaces Underscores Importance of Regular Cleaning
Our knowledge regarding SARS-CoV-2, specifically survivability rates outside of the body and how it spreads, has evolved.

Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries

Winter is upon us, and travels for both work and pleasure are increasing, which means businesses will need to protect their customers and workers from the elements and potential slip and fall injuries.

Protecting Businesses and Occupants From Slip and Fall Injuries
Winter is nearly upon us, and with it will come low temperatures and increased moisture, ice, and snow, all of which can combine to wreak havoc on facility properties, especially flooring, and presents an increased risk for occupants and guests in the form of slip and fall accidents--accounting for more than 1 million hospital visits each year.