Locker Room Cleaning

Locker room cleaning for health is necessary for eliminating disgusting odors and ensuring the health and safety of student-athletes all year long.

Locker Room Cleaning For Health
It is estimated that more than 36 million U.S. students between the ages of 5 and 18 participate in athletics each year, and for a good reason.

The Truth Regarding Restroom Hand Hygiene

The absence of good hand hygiene after using the restroom is one of the leading causes contributing to the spread of illness-causing germs and bacteria in office settings and the classroom.

The Disturbing Truth About Hand Hygiene
Personal responsibility in the form of handwashing practices has a direct impact on health and performance in the classroom and workplace.

Benefits of Outsourced Cleaning

Outsourcing your facility's cleaning services has several benefits over in-house services that will assist administrators, managers, and business owners increase occupant health and productivity while improving safety and reducing operational overhead.

The Benefits of Outsourced Commercial Cleaning Services
Depending on the size and scope of an organization, commercial cleaning services typically fall into one of four categories:

In-house, whereby the entire facility is cleaned and maintained by direct-hire staff who are managed internally.

Tips for Success With Your Janitor or Custodian

Recent events have underscored the highly valuable service that building service contractors--including facilities maintenance and custodial staff--provide the schools and businesses they clean and maintain.

Understanding the Importance of Facilities Maintenance and Janitorial Services
The value of the service delivered by facilities maintenance and janitorial providers has rarely been more apparent than under present circumstances--a worldwide coronavirus pandemic layered over the top of a near epidemic U.S. influenza season.