Create Cleaner Environments for Back to School

Cleaner, healthier classroom environments translate into higher student and teacher attendance, better test scores, a significantly increased probability of graduating high school, and markedly improved long-term life outcomes.

The Impact of Classroom Cleanliness on Student Health and Attendance
COVID placed a significant burden on the education system, forcing most schools across the country into a remote or hybrid learning model that has negatively impacted student mental well-being, resulting in the perception of increased negative behaviors.

Cleaning Management Challenges

In-house facility managers consistently confront numerous challenges across multiple building types and environments that could be effectively addressed through well-managed outsourced janitorial services.

Facility Management Cleaning Challenges
The COVID-19 pandemic seriously disrupted building maintenance and hygiene programs, leaving in-house facilities managers to face rapidly emerging challenges within and without.

Influenza Infection Prevention Services

Influenza infection prevention services will keep your classroom and office safe and healthy this cold and flu season, and now is the perfect time to get started.

Multiple Outbreaks Cause Influenza Season Concern
Presently, there are three factors causing concern for U.S. public health officials:

The severity of the recently-ended Australian flu season.

Classroom Cleaning

A clean and healthy classroom, regardless of age group, is a critical component of student success, directly impacting student and instructor attendance and performance.

Enhanced Classroom Cleaning is an Investment
School buildings directly impact occupant health and performance.