Updating Post-Pandemic Cleaning Procedures

Updating facility cleaning and infection prevention and control procedures is a necessary step for organizations who wish to prevent a future outbreak on the scope and scale of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Adopting New Cleaning Processes to Meet the Expectations of the New Normal
With time, dedication, and focus, the average American workplace and the classroom's hustle and bustle will return--likely with a different focus and feel, however.

Cleaning Commercial Lab Facilities

Due to the presence of dangerous chemicals and the sensitive nature of the work performed, commercial laboratory environments often require increased hygiene and sanitation levels provided by experienced service providers.

Commerical Lab and Cleanroom Cleaning Challenges
Commercial labs require a wide range of daily cleaning services ranging from standard surface sterilization and disinfection to hazardous material disposal.

Ramped Up Cleaning Promotes Hygiene and Minimizes Infection

Ramping up your facility's cleaning and disinfection frequencies combined with upgraded application methods is a proven system for improving surface sanitation, minimizing infection, and increasing occupant wellness.

Increased Cleaning Decreases Infection
What's the secret to health, wellness, happiness, improved productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and better grades in school?

Cleaning--good ol' fashioned daily cleaning with soap and water.