Workplace Hygiene

Workplace hygiene is a critical component of cleaning for health first, requiring adherence to high-quality handwashing practices, self-policing desk cleanliness, and shared workspace behaviors.

The Importance of Workplace Hygiene
Poor workplace hygiene can lead to several expensive issues, including absenteeism, presenteeism, and the elusive sick building syndrome.

Mold Cleanup

Mold inside of schools and offices can have a range of effects, from unsightly to deadly, depending on the strain, and has been directly linked to several preventable deaths over the last few months in both school dorms and medical care facilities.

Addressing Mold Cleaning Challenges
A mold cleanup was recently completed by the facilities maintenance staff at Oklahoma University after a series of complaints were filed by students concerned with the potential health issues.

Hand Hygiene And Its Impact On Absenteeism In Schools

Student absenteeism is a critical component of school funding and is directly influenced, almost exclusively, by student health, much of which may be correlated to hand hygiene and school surface sanitation.

How Hand Hygiene May Impact Absenteeism in Schools
School-aged children are highly susceptible to several germs commonly found on surfaces throughout every school and facility in the United States, including:

Influenza - The flu.