Reducing Operational Costs Through Outsourced Cleaning Services

Outsourced cleaning services have been shown to outcompete insourced services--for both outcomes and price--once all indirect costs and estimated benefits are factored in, as long as critical quality controls are maintained.

Lowering Business Costs With Increased Cleaning Investment
At present, many businesses are seeking ways to improve future outlooks through increased efficiencies and reduced expenses.

Financial Benefits Of Sustainability

A paradigm shift in business focus from solely for-profit to occupant wellbeing and environmental health and safety has led to increased awareness of and investments in sustainable business operations.

Consumers and Office Workers Push for Sustainability
A consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic was an increased awareness and focus on the impact human industry has on environmental and occupant health and safety.

Five Germ Hotspots in Schools

Public or private, pre-K to College, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks' subscription school cleaning services can help knock out infections in some of the germiest spots kids touch every day.

Regular School Cleaning Combats the Spread of Infection
School facilities are petri dishes for germs of every kind, including:

Staphylococcus aureus.