School Cleaning

Green cleaned schools mean healthier students, fewer abscesses, better grades, and an increased likelihood of graduation.

Green Cleaned Classrooms Mean Healthier Students
Cleaning reduces the presence of soil, pathogens, dangerous microbes, and allergens.

Office Cleaning Adds Value to the Workplace

A clean workplace sends critical signals to the workforce and consumers--your organization cares about its workers and customers, the local community, and the quality of the products it sells and the services it offers.

Workplace Cleanliness Key to Business Success
Dirty offices cost US businesses billions of dollars per year in lost productivity due to:

Presenteeism, and;
Low morale

Before the pandemic, the annual cost of workplace illness was estimated at:

1.4B missed workdays, and;
$530B in lost productivity

Additionally, office workers have noted the absence of facility hygiene and its impact on their performance and desire to remain with a company.

High-Tech Office Cleaning

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks employs the latest in proven high-tech cleaning equipment, products, and processes to ensure your facility is noticeably cleaner and its occupants are measurably healthier and more productive.

High-Tech Cleaning Services Removes More Dirt and Germs
Advanced cleaning technologies such as commercial-grade HEPA filtered backpack vacuums and microfiber have been shown in clinical trials to remove and retain more dirt and germs from surfaces than comparable antiquated tools and processes.