Pathogenic Bacteria on Surfaces in Public Schools

Pathogens and pathogenic bacteria commonly found on fomites in public schools represent a significant ongoing and costly health hazard to the U.S. population.

The Role of Common Surfaces in Schools in the Transmission of Pathogens and Bacteria
Inanimate surfaces play a significant role in transmitting pathogens--influenza--and pathogenic bacteria--E. coli--in public schools.

Targeted Hygiene and Disinfection

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the risks of transmitting infectious disease via touch and airborne transmission, underscoring the need for targeted, high-quality personal and facility hygiene.

Breaking the Chain of Infection Via Targeted Hygiene and Disinfection
Humans will never eradicate bacteria and germs--there are far too many, with more spreading every day.

Zone Cleaning Vs. Team Cleaning

Taking a scientific approach towards cleaning requires the assessment of conventional vs. emerging methods--in this case, individual zone cleaning compared to specialized team cleaning--and how that impacts overall business goals and outcomes.

Zone Cleaning, Team Cleaning, and the Rise of the Custodial Specialist
How organizations staff and coordinate custodial services directly impacts cleaning efficiency, effectiveness, facility hygiene, and occupant health.

Spring Cleaning Floor Care & Maintenance

Spring is an ideal time to inspect and perform deep cleaning and preventative maintenance on facility walkways, entryways, and protective matting.

Finish Spring Cleaning Strong With Facility Floor Care and Maintenance
Our previous article discussed the prerequisites for starting a comprehensive facility spring cleaning program that promoted building occupants' mental and physical health by removing clutter from offices, especially on floors and desks.

Start Spring Cleaning by Decluttering Your Workspace

A critical component of a healthy and productive office is a clutter-free workplace, and spring is the perfect time to get started.

Workplace Decluttering a Crucial First Step to Quality Spring Cleaning
Conventionally, March has been the ideal month for North American businesses and households to begin the spring cleaning process due to improved weather conditions, low amounts of air pollution, and moderate temperatures--making it the ideal time to remove dust.