Occupant Expectations of Office Health and Safety

Occupant expectations of public facility health and safety standards have increased dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring the importance of continuous enhanced cleaning and targeted infection prevention strategies.

Workers Concerned About Workplace Health & Safety
Post-COVID, workers are noticeably and understandably preoccupied with their employer's facility hygiene focus.

Precision Facility Cleaning for Occupant and Environmental Health

The general purpose of cleaning for health programs is to remove soil while mitigating health risks to occupants and the natural environment--a process sorely in need of improvement.

Cleaning Challenges Faced by Modern Custodial Teams
Facility cleanliness has fallen under intense scrutiny, forcing custodial teams to address significant challenges and overcome major hurdles, including:

Continuously removing contamination from high-touch surfaces.

Green Cleaning as a Corporate Value

Green cleaning services afford numerous benefits to schools, businesses, students, and office workers, including the firm establishment of an organization's commitment to environmental sustainability and long-term human health and safety.

How Green Cleaning Establishes Corporate Social Responsibility
Environment, Social and Economic, and Governance (ESG) is a term many organizations are becoming increasingly familiar with.

Merging Green Cleaning Initiatives With Effective Infection Control

The future of clean will require custodial departments to merge sustainable green cleaning methods with effective infection prevention and control processes to break the chain of infection and arrest the march of destructive climate change.

Meeting the Growing Demands for Sustainable Infection Prevention and Control
Post-COVID, the demand for improved infection prevention and control, combined with increased cleaning frequencies in public facilities, has been steadily growing.