Correct Cleaning Corresponds With Consumer Confidence

Enhanced cleaning practices combined with increased occupant engagement and communication are rapidly emerging as top-level requirements for consumers across multiple industries.

Consumer Fears are Changing the Cleaning Industry
Consumer fears regarding the spread of certain pathogens have led to an increase in unsafe cleaning and disinfection practices due, in large part, to two distinct criteria:

Increased awareness of the necessity of improved cleaning and hygiene practices, and;
A lack of information pertaining to the health and safety precautions necessary when cleaning and disinfecting.

How To Get Rid Of That Smell

Numerous studies have established a strong correlation between facility odors and low-quality occupant wellness, happiness, and productivity--ultimately leading to reductions in student attendance, as well as customer satisfaction and purchases.

Dealing With Facility Odors
Facility bio odors originate from multiple locations and are routinely cited by custodial workers as the most challenging task on their list.

Summer School Cleaning

In an effort to prevent students from falling behind, many schools will be reopening during the summer months to more than the typical number of summer school students, and district superintendents must be prepared to support ongoing enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure their health and safety.

Occupant Wellness

Going forward, paths to ensuring occupant wellness will take precedence over many other priorities typical to business endeavors to promote ongoing and increasing public health and safety.

Ensuring Facility Occupant Wellness
Cleaning trends had long been moving toward a focus on cleaning for occupant health and wellness over appearance.