Truck & Auto Dealerships

Expert handling of car dealerships, showrooms, and services areas that are essential to customer impressions and sales

For more than 30 years, Vanguard Cleaning Systems® has developed an expertise in handling automotive janitorial services. Quality automotive dealer cleaning for showrooms and services areas are essential to customer impressions and sales, which is why it is vital to keep high-traffic floors, waiting rooms, and sales manager offices clean and free from dust and clutter.

We handle the janitorial cleaning needs of the automotive industry — from cleaning the front desk, offices, service bays, showrooms, and windows to concerns about grease, grime, and valuable inventories. Our team will give you the confidence that our automotive janitorial services will meet your expectations.

Let’s talk about the impact of microfiber cloths, high-filtration vacuums, and advanced cleaning techniques for high-traffic showrooms and automobile repair facilities.

Benefits of our Auto Dealership janitorial services include:

  • Dedicated customer service representatives to address your needs
  • Periodic assessment to evaluate services
  • Tailored cleaning schedule
  • Teams that specialize in high-traffic showrooms and automobile repair facilities

The Vanguard® Way

The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization of independent businesses is built on a history of trust, integrity, execution, and quality that few can match. The results are superior because so much time is invested in preparation.

Contact Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Tulsa or Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks today.

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