High-Tech Cleaning

We invest in high-tech cleaning equipment for a deeper, more noticeable clean

Our high-filtration vacuums improve indoor air quality

All of our franchised businesses use high-tech cleaning equipment remove more dust, pollen, and allergens from your facility. Our high-filtration vacuums are designed with multiple levels of filters to achieve the desired performance. They are rated according to the size and amount of dust they capture and whether the vacuums allow some dust to escape.

If your current janitorial vendor uses an old-fashioned upright vacuum to clean your facility, it might not meet the standards necessary to be classified as a “high-filtration” vacuum. Typically, upright vacuums pull dust directly into the bag, passing through an accumulation of dirt already within it.

The benefits of our high-filtration vacuums include:

  • More cleaning power than upright vacuums
  • More dirt contained, captured, and removed
  • Captured dirt does not escape from bag and leak back into your facility
  • Better indoor air quality.
  • More manoeuvrability allows for efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach floor surfaces such as stairways
  • Vacuum attachments reach into nooks and crannies and allow for high dusting applications such as cleaning ceiling vents

Our microfiber equipment removes more dirt and prevents

A microfiber is an ultrafine fiber that is 100 times thinner than a human hair strand. These fibers are split 16 times to create small cavities that trap and hold dirt far more efficiently than traditional cleaning products.

Microfiber products may be color coded so that the mops and cloths used in the restrooms are not mistakenly used in the common areas of your facility. Proper use of microfiber products virtually eliminates cross-contamination. For this reason, microfiber has become the standard for cleaning in healthcare environments, and use of microfiber is a core concept in Green Cleaning.

The benefits of our microfiber equipment include:

  • More dust, bacteria, and allergens are removed
  • Less chemicals are used, which minimizes client exposure
  • Less water is used
  • Indoor air quality is improved
  • Cross-contamination from dirty mops is virtually eliminated

The Vanguard® Way

The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization of independent businesses is built on a history of trust, integrity, execution, and quality that few can match. The results are superior because so much time is invested in preparation.

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