The Dangers of Cleaning Chemical Exposure

The improper handling of common cleaning chemicals can lead to severe illness and, in extreme instances, death.

The Consequences of Improper Cleaning Chemical Handling
Conventional commercial cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that must be handled with care, in well-ventilated spaces, and only by trained professionals wearing the appropriate safety gear.

The Value of a Clean Classroom

The right kind of cleaning not only provides a safe and productive learning environment for children, but it will also help improve the financial outlook for the district.

Why Clean Classrooms Matter
The environmental impact of classroom and educational facility hygiene cannot be underscored enough, specifically in regards to student and faculty attendance and performance.

Winter Cleaning Refresh

With heavy snow and rainfall in the forecast for much of the Midwestern U.S. all Fall and Winter long, now is the perfect time to complete an office winter cleaning refresh and ensure the health, safety, and productivity of all building occupants.

Winter Cleaning for a Healthy Facility
Winter is here, and that means rain, snow, colds, the flu, and an enormous mess in your classrooms and offices.