The High Cost of Low Quality Cleaning

98% of office workers are affected by contagious diseases acquired from the workplace as a direct result of poor cleaning and sanitation practices, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars per year in healthcare costs and absences.

The Cost of Cutting Corners When Cleaning
The temptation to cut corners--it happens to all of us.

How Clean is Your Office

Statistically speaking and regardless of outward appearance, your workplace is likely teaming with germs and bacteria that are making you sick, slow, and struggle with everyday tasks.

Why Your Office Needs Professional Cleaning Services
Workplace cleanliness is a literal conundrum.

Janitorial Turnover is a Huge Problem

Janitorial turnover rates in the United States average out at about 200% annually--translating to a complete restaffing of custodial workers twice per year--an unsustainable business model by any definition.

Is Janitorial Turnover An Issue?
In the janitorial industry, employee turnover averages about 200%, typically due to a lack of best practices with the janitorial provider or direct employer.

The High Cost of Janitorial Turnover

Turnover in the janitorial industry, on average, ranges from approximately 75-400% annually--the average coming in at approximately 200%--costing U.S. businesses a small fortune in lost profits and productivity.

How Much Does Your Janitorial Service Cost?
While the cleaning services industry, as a whole, suffers from several challenges, such as:

A want to clean for appearance first, as opposed to health.