Clean Desks Key to Productivity

Recent studies have shown that clean, clutter-free desks are critical to workplace health, happiness, and productivity.

A Clean Desk is Key to Workplace Productivity
Several recent studies have shown that a messy desk can play host to numerous germs and bacteria--often testing positive or 400 times the germs found on the average office toilet seat, and 100 times less hygienic than a kitchen table.

Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection technology is the future of cleaning--able to disinfect complex three-dimensional surfaces in a  fraction of the time required by conventional cleaning methods--resulting in decreased costs, illnesses, and absences.

The Rise of Electrostatic Disinfection Technology
Electrostatic surface spraying has been in use in the United States for more than 50 years in the farming and industrial arenas--providing complete surface coverage for crops and painted or coated materials.


Surface cross-contamination is the single most significant cleaning challenge facing custodial teams and facilities managers in any building.

What is Surface Cross-Contamination & Why Does it Matter?
Surface cross-contamination is the transfer of germs and bacteria from one surface to another--commonly caused by:

Hand-to-Surface Contact - The five-second rule is a myth.

Locker Room Cleaning

From where you stand or sit, to the places you wash up, and everything in between--locker rooms are covered in illness-causing germs and bacteria which must be cleaned in a specialized manner to ensure safe use and occupant health.

How Dirty is Your Locker Room?
School and fitness center locker rooms are notoriously covered in enough germs and bacteria to give anyone pause, but just how bad is it?
When prospective fitness club members tour new facilities, one of the last and traditionally least exciting stops is the locker room.