Biking to Work

Biking to work has become an increasingly popular form of commute for many in large metropolitan areas, but it does come with some consequences, specifically regarding workplace health and hygiene.

Workplace Hygiene Challenges for Bicycle Commuters
Bicycling as a form of commute to and from the workplace has several advantages for both workers and businesses--chief among them, healthier workers are more engaged and productive.

Do Electronics Spread More Germs Than Other Surfaces?

Without a doubt, the surfaces of the numerous electronic devices we handle every day are covered in germs and bacteria, but do they spread more illness than other high-touch surfaces?

Do Electronics Spread More Germs Than Other High-Touch Surfaces?
Lately, a debate has arisen in the health and custodial industries regarding the safe use and hygiene of electronic and personal handheld devices in comparison to other fomites and their ability to transmit disease--basically, which is worse?

The answer, of course, is both, and neither, depending on the environment and the hygiene of the users and occupants.

Gym Cleaning

Professional cleaning and disinfection services are crucial for maintaining the health and hygiene of gyms and fitness centers.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Gyms and Fitness Centers
Gyms and fitness centers--temples to healthy bodies and minds, and host to numerous, and often dangerous, germs and bacteria.

Infection Prevention

High-quality infection prevention practices in facilities which handle the care of vulnerable demographics are vital to halting the increasing spread of deadly superbugs.

Infection Prevention in High-Risk Facilities
Children, the sick, and elderly are at a higher risk for infection than typical demographics with healthy immune systems.

Restroom Cleanliness and Safety

Due to the function of restrooms in schools, businesses, and the public in general, bathrooms have become a focal point of high-performance cleaning services that ensure the health and safety of occupants, as well as the public at large.

High-Performance Cleaning Ensures Restroom Cleanliness and Safety
A sanitary, hygienic bathroom is big business, and not just for the cleaning company.


Washing your hands in accordance with specific guidelines is the single best method for the prevention of the spread of germs and bacteria that negatively impact both school and workplace performance and attendance.

The Importance of Washing Your Hands
Let's get right down to the dirty truth--washing your hands regularly with soap and water saves lives.

Auto Dealership Cleaning

The curb appeal, showroom shine, and general health and cleanliness of your auto dealership will make or break your business.

The Importance of High-Performance Cleaning for Auto Dealerships
There are several critical areas within an auto dealership facility that require a high level of attention to detail, and are typically broken up into:

Customer-Facing Spaces - The showroom floor and glass are probably the most prominent areas, but it's essential to keep the cleanliness of the lot and walkways well maintained, especially in the winter.

Cleaning Best Practices for Pre-K Facilities

High-performance environmental hygiene and cleaning practices are vital for the health and safety of young children in daycare and Pre-K facilities.

Environmental Cleaning Best Practices for Daycare and Pre-K Facilities
Young children, especially toddlers and infants, are particularly vulnerable to germs and bacteria typically present in school settings due to their underdeveloped immune system and lack of exposure to common illnesses.