Cleaning Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities, such as factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and processing plants, often have large and complex spaces that require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure efficient and safe operation.

Industrial Facility Cleaning
Cleaning in industrial facilities can involve numerous tasks, including removing debris, dirt, dust, and contaminants from production areas, equipment, and machinery.

Handwashing Habits in School Children: How It Impacts Health, Grades, and Overall Performance

Good hand hygiene in schools is crucial for maintaining occupant health, preventing the spread of illnesses, reducing absenteeism, and positively impacting student behavior, socialization, and academic performance.

Handwashing in Schools
Handwashing with soap and water is crucial for maintaining good health and preventing the spread of illnesses in the classroom.

The Future of Window Cleaning

The future of window cleaning includes the use of sustainable products, automation and technology, outsourcing services, and preventative maintenance techniques.

Emerging Window Cleaning Trends
Clean windows impact retail curb appeal and influence consumer purchasing habits like clean restrooms affect a diner's impression of a restaurant.

Avoiding Germs With Healthy Handwashing Habits

Current data shows that most Americans value healthy handwashing habits, though approximately half do not follow recommended guidelines, highlighting the importance of ongoing enhanced cleaning services in public facilities.

The Role of Healthy Handwashing Habits
Healthy handwashing habits play a critical role in human and building safety by reducing the presence of disease-causing germs on occupants' hands and indirectly on facility surfaces.

Enhanced Cleaning Practices Reduce Water Use

Enhanced cleaning practices can be critical in reducing water use in drought-restricted areas and should be promoted and encouraged by governments, communities, and businesses.

Enhanced Cleaning Practices Can Reduce Water Use in Drought-restricted Areas
Water scarcity is a critical global issue that is becoming increasingly relevant as populations grow and the effects of climate change become more pronounced.

Poor IAQ

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted our nation's glaring need to improve air quality inside our public schools, businesses, and office buildings.

What is IAQ and Why Does It Matter?
Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air within and around buildings and structures.

Components of an Effective Cleaning Program

Effective cleaning programs are comprised of several critical components, including design, training, safe product handling, and validation.

Defining Effective Cleaning Programs
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, " [sic] regardless of type of facility, the key program elements for effective environmental cleaning programs include:"

Organization/Administration - Corporate leadership and budgeting.