Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Office cleanliness directly impacts workplace wellness and occupant performance, but recent data suggests many organizations may be missing critical areas, and employees are noticing.

Workplace Wellness

The Current State of Facility Hygiene

Facility hygiene directly impacts occupant health, wellness, performance, and anxiety levels--a fact an increasing number of employers seem aware of.

According to Safety and Health Magazine;

Researchers from the Harris Poll in May surveyed nearly 2,100 adult workers about their attitudes and expectations concerning office hygiene and cleanliness as many returned to the workplace.

Results show that 84% of respondents said they’re likely to maintain heightened hygiene practices adopted in response to the pandemic, as 65% expressed concerns over the cleanliness of their workspace and 59% indicated an uneasiness about working in proximity to co-workers.

Among workers who have returned to the office, more than half said they’ve observed colleagues adopting new behaviors related to cleanliness, including using hand sanitizer more often (57%), washing their hands more often (53%), and shaking hands less (51%).

Employees increasingly mindful of office hygiene as they return to the workplace: survey

However, despite this apparent increase in understanding, current data suggests many organizations are not doing enough to address growing workforce concerns regarding germ hotspots and high traffic areas.

According to one survey:

  • Only 35% of respondents stated their office desks were cleaned daily.
  • 28% said their office phone was never cleaned.
  • 31% said their computer keyboard was never cleaned.
  • 36% reported their computer mouse was never cleaned.

And, while;

  • 39% said they were satisfied with the cleanliness of their workplace toilets,
  • 38% believed their office kitchen was clean enough,
  • Only 37% stated they were happy with the cleanliness of the office refrigerator, and;
  • 32% said they bring their own kitchenware because they don't trust the cleanliness of the office supplies.



Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks' Focus on Workforce Wellness

Conventional cleaning programs typically focus on facility appearance, which suffers from numerous documented issues, including:

  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Cross-contamination and;
  • Occupant health and safety issues.

Our subscription cleaning programs take an "occupant health first" approach.

The reasoning behind this approach is simple--it results in healthier, more productive employees and a significant return on investment.

One of the most critical components of a clean for health first approach is regular touchpoint cleaning and disinfection.

Touchpoint disinfection can be performed as a one-time service, plugged into a daily cleaning subscription, or completed multiple times per day as part of a comprehensive day porter service.

Frequency requirements vary depending on the type of business, how many people come and go throughout the day, and the time of year.



Current data suggest that, while an increasing number of businesses recognize the need and workforce demand for cleaner, safer workspaces, their current efforts are falling far short of occupant expectations, resulting in reduced job satisfaction and performance.

For many organizations, achieving the ideal balance between budgetary concerns and maximizing employee productivity and business profits requires outsourcing to an experienced service provider dedicated to a clean for occupant health first methodology.

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