Office Cleaning Adds Value to the Workplace

Office Cleaning Adds Value to the Workplace

A clean workplace sends critical signals to the workforce and consumers--your organization cares about its workers and customers, the local community, and the quality of the products it sells and the services it offers.

Office Cleaning Adds Value to the Workplace

Workplace Cleanliness Key to Business Success

Dirty offices cost US businesses billions of dollars per year in lost productivity due to:

  • Illness
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism, and;
  • Low morale

Before the pandemic, the annual cost of workplace illness was estimated at:

  • 1.4B missed workdays, and;
  • $530B in lost productivity

Additionally, office workers have noted the absence of facility hygiene and its impact on their performance and desire to remain with a company.

According to CleanLink;

[A] recently commissioned a survey of 503 employees [discussed] their employers’ cleaning habits.

More than 90 percent said that their productivity has been compromised by a dirty or disorganized office – and 25 percent said that they’ve thought about quitting, or actually had quit, a job because the office was smelly and unclean.

How A Clean Environment Impacts Bottom-Line Business

Conversely, clean workplaces have a strong correlation with:

  • Workforce productivity
  • Workplace satisfaction, and;
  • Employee satisfaction with the work they do

According to a 2018 study conducted in the Netherlands;

It is found that higher objective cleanliness correlates significantly with higher perceived productivity of employees working in office environments of non-profit organizations in The Netherlands.

Higher measured cleanliness also correlates significantly with a higher work satisfaction level of employees working in office environments.

Finally, a significant correlation is found between the satisfaction of employees with their work as a whole and the perceived productivity of the employees; a higher satisfaction leads to higher perceived productivity.

In response to these findings, it is recommended to carry out regular cleaning activities in the office environment where the employees perform their work.

Overall, to maintain or achieve maximum personal productivity, a clean office environment is important.

Impact of cleanliness on the productivity of employees


Advantages To Maintaining A Clean Workplace

In addition to improving productivity and morale while reducing absenteeism, a regular cleaning program protects the built environment by preventing excessive wear and tear on carpets, tile surfaces, flooring, and facility equipment.

Additionally, it establishes your facility as a marketing showcase for prospective consumers and employees by demonstrating a high level of commitment to workplace cleanliness and safety that corresponds to other areas of your organization's operations in the minds of many individuals.

According to Facility Executive;

In addition to boosting productivity, cleanliness can result in heightened overall workplace satisfaction and a stronger culture.

No one wants to work in a dirty office environment.

In fact, according to the 2017 Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 89 percent of Americans believe the condition of a workplace restroom is one indicator of how a company values its workforce.

Regular cleaning of restrooms and other key areas in the workplace will ensure that hygiene remains at the forefront and doesn’t go unnoticed by employees and visitors.

Why Workplace Cleanliness Is Key

Finally, a clean office will improve team collaboration--a critical component for success in the modern business world.

Per Franchising USA;

When teams in the workplace feel motivated, safe, and healthy, collaboration becomes easier.

Since cleanliness in the workplace promotes these factors, it is safe to say that it also promotes teamwork and collaboration.

This helps improve efficiency not only in individuals but also in teams within the organization, leading to more productivity and higher profitability.

6 Reasons Why Having a Clean Workplace Is Great For Your Business



A visibly clean office adds value to your workforce and workplace by:

  • Breaking the chain of infection by eliminating the transmission of diseases.
  • Protecting the organization's financial investment in the built environment and equipment from premature and excessive wear and tear.
  • Improving occupant workplace satisfaction, engagement, morale, and productivity, resulting in increased profitability and labor-resource retention, and;
  • Increasing the facility's visual appeal to prospective consumers and employees while simultaneously increasing the cash value of the building.

Service provider training, experience, access to advanced technologies, and incentivization are necessary for ensuring ongoing high-quality cleaning outcomes.

Outsourcing is a proven method for onboarding critical infection prevention and control services as part of a greater facility cleaning subscription service at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a similar service in-house.

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