Flexible Cleaning Schedules

Flexible Cleaning Schedules

Every industry and organization has unique cleaning requirements that require scheduling flexibility, especially in a post-pandemic work environment where anything can occur, which is why Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks customizes its services and schedule to fit the specific environment of each customer and site.

Flexible Cleaning Schedules

Flexible Cleaning Schedules for the New Flexible Workplace

Over the past 20 years, workplaces have become increasingly flexible in several ways, including employee scheduling and workplace assignments.

Post-pandemic, the flexible workplace appears to be a mainstay.

According to research conducted by Randstad;

[...] even though workers clearly enjoy having the option to work remotely, not everyone wants to be remote all of the time.

[...] nearly four out of five (78%) of workers want to return to their workplaces at least part of the time.

This may be due in large part to the fact that more than half (52%) reported missing their in-person interactions with colleagues.

That’s likely why 54 percent said they prefer a hybrid workplace in which they have the freedom to choose where they work.

The Next Normal: Tomorrow's Workforce in Focus

At the same time, workers demand cleaner facilities and more accountability and transparency from their employers regarding building safety and hygiene.

According to a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of R-Zero;

91% of employees surveyed believe that it is the responsibility of the employer to implement more strict cleaning protocols in the office, [and;]

Three out of five employees would consider leaving a job that didn’t prioritize health and cleanliness in the office.

The New Corporate Health Responsibility Report


The Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks' Approach to Optimal Cleaning Schedule and Maximum Occupant Satisfaction

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks works with approximately 130 franchise cleaning service providers across three states, who clean more than 7M sq. ft. of facility space each week.

For the end-user, this means we have the people and skills to deliver on-time, in-demand cleaning services when your organization needs them, including:

  • One-and-out special cleaning services and requests.
  • Emergency requests.
  • Day porter services and cleaning schedules.
  • Team cleaning.
  • Flexible cleaning schedules that scale with your business's needs--weekly, seasonally, and all year long, and;
  • Monthly service agreements instead of long-term contracts that keep your organization in the driver's seat.



Flexible cleaning schedules allow your organization to address:

  • The complexity of maintaining a high level of facility sanitation in an increasingly in-demand hybrid working environment.
  • Out of band requests.
  • Emergency requirements, and;
  • The possibility that a job may encounter unexpected interruptions and require more time to complete than anticipated.

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