The Difference Between Strip and Wax and Top-Scrub and Recoat

The Difference Between Strip and Wax and Top-Scrub and Recoat

The time for early spring cleaning is just around the corner, and that means it's time for advanced floor care to remove the buildup of dirt and grime from the winter, but which method is best for your facility--strip and wax, or scrub and recoat?

The Difference Between Strip and Wax and Top-Scrub and Recoat - Springdale, Tulsa, Fort Smith

Strip and Wax Vs. Scrub and Recoat

When it comes to hard floor care and maintenance, knowing when to strip and wax as opposed to scrub and recoat can save your business time and money.

Stripping and waxing a floor is labor-intensive, requires several additional steps not required when scrubbing and recoating, uses additional chemicals, is more prone to mistakes and damage when performed by inexperienced service providers, and maybe entirely unnecessary for your hard floors' needs.

Conversely, scrubbing and recoating is generally a two-step process that can be completed quickly, and leaves relatively little opening for floor damage when performed by an experienced service provider.

Regardless of cost, and depending on your facility's floor care requirements, one type of service is likely a superior option to the other.


When to Strip and Wax

Stripping a hard floor requires the complete removal of all layers of floor coating and sealant, and is most commonly employed when there is a significant buildup of dirt and gunk around the edges.

The process involves the application of a harsh scrubbing chemical applied with an aggressive scrubbing pad.

Once the floor is completely stripped, a neutralizer must be applied to remove any remaining wax residue, which can result in a subpar finish and require the job to be completely redone.

Before applying the wax finish, a sealant must be applied to the floor--offering a layer of additional protection.

Next, the wax coating is applied in layers.

After each application, the service provider must wait for the solution to completely dry before re-entering to apply an additional layer.

Finally, a buffer is used to bring the floor to a shine.


When to Scrub and Recoat

Scrubbing and recoating is performed when there is little to no finish remaining on the floor, or there is no buildup requiring a full strip and wax.

The process is much faster--requiring the removal of the top layer(s), or remaining layer of wax, and uses fewer and less harsh chemicals and a much less aggressive scrubbing pad.

The scrubbing process removes any deeply embedded soils from the floor and prepares it for reapplication of floor finish.


Considerations When Cleaning for Health

Floorcare and maintenance is a vital component of a healthy facility.

However, the chemicals used in the process can be dangerous for occupants and the environment, underscoring the importance of properly assessing the specific needs of the facilities floors prior to moving forward with potentially unnecessary stripping and waxing.

If there is little to no buildup of wax or little to no remaining finish on the floor, the superior choice--requiring less time, money, and fewer chemicals--is to scrub and recoat.

However, if your floor does require a complete strip and wax, proper safety precautions, specifically ventilation and product disposal, must be observed.


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The difference between stripping and waxing and scrubbing and recoating is significant--one method requiring a labor-intensive process that uses a significant volume of dangerous chemicals, vs. a relatively simple and straightforward process that uses environmentally safer products.

The choice between stripping and waxing or scrubbing and recoating is often made by the condition of the floor itself.

Regardless of which method is employed, it should only be undertaken by an experienced service provider after a thorough inspection to avoid damaging your facility's hard floors due to an inappropriate chemical choice or a lack of diligence.

Outsourcing your facility's floor care requirements ensures your business has access to an experienced service provider using the latest in floor care and maintenance products and equipment.

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