Hand Dryer Cleaning Service

Hand Dryer Cleaning Service

Regularly cleaning air-blown hand dryers in facility restrooms is important for hygiene, odor control, efficient performance, and maintaining a positive image.

Hand Dryer Cleaning Service

Reasons to Service Air-Blown Hand Dryers Regularly

There are several good reasons to have air-blown hand dryers in facility restrooms cleaned regularly.

  • Hygiene - Hand dryers can accumulate dust, dirt, and bacteria over time, especially in the intake vents and internal components. Regular cleaning helps remove these contaminants, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and maintaining a hygienic restroom environment.
  • Odor Control - Accumulated debris in hand dryers can emit unpleasant odors, negatively impacting the restroom experience. Cleaning the hand dryers helps eliminate odors and keeps the air fresh.
  • Efficient Performance - Dust and debris can clog the internal components of hand dryers, hindering their performance. Regular cleaning ensures the airflow is unobstructed, allowing the hand dryers to work optimally.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Cleaning the hand dryers is a proactive approach to preventative maintenance. By keeping the devices clean, potential issues are identified early, reducing the risk of malfunctions and extending their lifespan.
  • Image and Perception - Clean and well-maintained restrooms contribute to a positive image of the facility. Regularly cleaning the hand dryers demonstrates a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, enhancing the overall perception of the establishment.

It is worth noting that different models of hand dryers may have specific cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Following those guidelines is essential to ensure proper cleaning and avoid damaging the device.


How Often Should Air-Blown Hand Dryers Be Serviced?

The recommended frequency for cleaning and servicing air-blown hand dryers can vary depending on the usage rate, the environment, and the manufacturer's guidelines.

However, as a general guideline, it is advisable to follow these recommendations:

  • Regular Cleaning - Hand dryers should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, debris, and bacteria. This can be done daily or at least a few times a week, depending on the usage and the level of dirtiness observed.
  • Intensive Cleaning - In addition to regular cleaning, it is beneficial to perform more thorough cleaning periodically. This may involve disassembling the hand dryer (following manufacturer instructions) to access internal components, such as the filters and vents, and cleaning them to ensure optimal performance.
  • Service and Maintenance - Hand dryers should undergo periodic servicing and maintenance by professionals. This includes inspections, checking for mechanical issues, and replacing worn-out parts. The manufacturer or a professional technician familiar with the specific hand dryer model can recommend the specific service intervals.

It is important to note that restrooms' usage patterns and traffic can vary significantly.

Therefore, it is advisable to monitor the condition of the hand dryers regularly and adjust the cleaning and servicing frequency accordingly.

Following the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintenance is also crucial to ensure proper care of the specific hand dryer model being used.



Outsourcing air-blown hand dryer cleaning recommendations and services to a third party can offer several advantages.

  • Expertise and specialization.
  • Time and resource savings.
  • Compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Consistency and reliability.
  • Access to advanced techniques and equipment.

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