The Future of Window Cleaning

The Future of Window Cleaning

The future of window cleaning includes the use of sustainable products, automation and technology, outsourcing services, and preventative maintenance techniques.

The Future of Window Cleaning

Emerging Window Cleaning Trends

Clean windows impact retail curb appeal and influence consumer purchasing habits like clean restrooms affect a diner's impression of a restaurant.

Over the previous decade, numerous advancements have been made in the window cleaning industry designed to improve efficacy and reduce costs while achieving sustainability commitments.

Four of the most promising trends are:

  • Pure water window cleaning - Uses water purified of minerals and impurities. The pure water is pumped through a telescopic pole to reach high and hard-to-reach windows. The pure water absorbs dirt and grime from the window, leaving it clean and streak-free without chemicals or detergents.
  • Cobotic exoskeletons - Wearable devices that provide physical assistance to the user. The exoskeletons use motors and sensors to detect and augment the user's movements, assisting with lifting and carrying heavy loads. Cobotic exoskeletons can reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity in industries that require physical labor.
  • Drone fleets - Drones are equipped with sprayer nozzles and cleaning pads that can be adjusted to fit the size of the window. An operator controls the drones remotely and can ensure precise movement and cleaning patterns.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning - A cleaning process that uses sound waves to agitate water and cleaning solution to remove dirt and grime from windows. The process involves placing the window in a tank filled with water and cleaning solution, then using high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic bubbles that implode, generating powerful cleaning action. The method is an efficient and effective way to clean windows, particularly for hard-to-reach or delicate areas.


7 Reasons to Maintain Clean Windows

  1. Positive first impression: Clean windows present a professional and polished image, which can create a positive first impression for potential customers and clients.
  2. Enhanced curb appeal: Clean windows can improve the overall curb appeal of a business, making it more attractive and inviting to visitors.
  3. Improved natural light: Clean windows allow more natural light into a building, boosting employee productivity and mood.
  4. Increased longevity: Regular window cleaning can help extend the lifespan of windows and prevent damage caused by built-up dirt and debris.
  5. Cost-effective: Maintaining clean external windows can be a cost-effective way to improve the appearance and appeal of a business, compared to more expensive renovations or upgrades.
  6. Health benefits: Clean windows can improve indoor air quality by allowing more natural light in and reducing the buildup of mold and mildew.
  7. Energy savings: Clean windows can help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems and ultimately saving on energy costs.



Emerging window cleaning technologies can significantly improve cleaning costs and outcomes.

However, advanced methods and equipment require licensed and trained service providers to ensure occupant safety and the security of the built environment.

Regardless of which method your business chooses, window cleaning has clear benefits supported by scientific research.

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