Addressing Slipping Consumer Trust By Cleaning For Health

Addressing Slipping Consumer Trust By Cleaning For Health

Consumer trust in the non-stop barrage of information paraded in front of them daily has diminished significantly, and they are now turning to small, locally owned businesses to help them live safer and more informed lives.

Addressing Slipping Consumer Trust By Cleaning For Health

Improving Consumer Confidence Through Health-Focused Cleaning Initiatives

Consumers have lost faith in government and conventional media sources for information vital to their health, safety, and ability to make informed decisions.

Driven in part by pandemic exhaustion, consumers around the world now view businesses as the only reliable institution for both action and the dissemination of reliable information.

The Covid-19 pandemic, with more than 1.9 million lives lost and joblessness equivalent to the Great Depression, has accelerated the erosion of trust around the world.

This is evident in the significant drop in trust in the two largest economies: the U.S. and China.

The U.S. (40 percent) and Chinese (30 percent) governments are deeply distrusted by respondents from the 26 other markets surveyed. 2021 Edelman Trust Baromete

While the world seems to be clouded by mistrust and misinformation, there is a glimmer of hope in business.

This year’s study shows that business is not only the most trusted institution among the four studied, but it is also the only trusted institution with a 61 percent trust level globally, and the only institution seen as both ethical and competent.

2021 Edelman Trust Baromete

They want the CEOs of these organizations to take the lead in making socially responsible decisions and informing their employees and the public of potential risks to their health.

To accomplish this, businesses of every size and type must align their actions and trajectory to their consumer's values, which include:

  • Positive contributions to society, and;
  • Socially responsible environmental stewardship.

Both of these values can be addressed through a combination of enhanced cleaning for health and sustainability initiatives at the corporate level.


Building Consumer Confidence Through Consistent Action

Consumer confidence is established and built upon through consistent positive action that is intended to place the health of employees, facility occupants, and the planet above profit for the sake of profit.

This entails taking climate-positive actions that include sustainability in operations, especially facility infection prevention and control measures meant to combat the transmission of pathogens and pathogenic bacteria.

According to Reuters;

In August 2020, we commissioned Censuswide to survey 2,000 UK office workers so we could better understand the current pulse of workplace culture:

72% of multigenerational respondents stated that they were concerned about environmental ethics.

However, with an astounding 83% of workers reporting their workplaces were not doing enough to address climate change, it’s become clear that there is a massive gap between rhetoric and action.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of our survey respondents said that they were more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies.

It’s not simply a passive desire for management to change either; 63% of employees expressed the desire to learn more green skills so that they can become more valuable in the workplace.

‘Employees want climate-positive action from companies. Here’s how they can deliver’

One of the primary drivers in sustainable (greener) facilities and a vital tool required for promoting safer, healthier workplaces is a clear focus on cleaning for occupant health, which has several advantages to organizational bottom lines, including:

  • Reducing the spread of illness, which costs U.S. businesses upwards of $200B annually.
  • Lowering stress and anxiety in the workplace, which has a direct impact on occupant physical, mental, and emotional health that translates directly to productivity and the quality of worker output, and;
  • Reducing workplace accidents and injuries, especially slips, trips, and falls, as a result of poorly maintained surfaces and flooring.


How to Build Consumer Confidence Through Better Facility Cleaning

Building and maintaining consumer confidence through enhanced cleaning is a process--one which must be committed to and followed through upon every day to succeed, and includes:

  • Routine top to bottom cleaning of occupied areas with commercial-grade detergents and microfiber.
  • High-quality cleaning and disinfection products that are rated as effective against known facility hazards--Influenza, SARS, and Norovirus--but are safer for occupants in regards to indoor air and environmental quality, and that place less strain on the environment as a whole.
  • Clean and thoroughly stocked restrooms that promote workplace and hand hygiene, and;
  • Signage and other communications, especially via social media, that transparently relay cleaning processes and products, potential environmental hazards, known community pathogen spread, and other socially desirable activities.


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Studies increasingly show that consumers have lost faith in conventional leadership and media channels and are turning to small, locally owned, and franchise businesses for the information and guidance they feel is necessary for them to make informed decisions about their health, values, and safety.

To succeed, organizations must align themselves with consumer values through positive actions that are meant to promote global and community health.

Sustainability in cleaning focused on occupant health checks off many of the boxes consumers are looking for in an emerging post-pandemic world, and outsourcing to a provider with a proven track record of success and transparency is a guaranteed way to fast-track your organization to success.

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