• Find, Develop, Scale, & Support Commercial Cleaning Entrepreneurs to…
  • Deliver Consistently Clean & Healthy Environments to Clients while we…
  • Embrace Diversity, Support Community, & Work Sustainable


The Standard of Clean®


Exhibit Integrity in all actions​

Share Compassion / Empathy / Respect​

Know you are Accountable for Actions & Attitudes​

Expect No Entitlements​

Embrace Diversity Change & Learn​

Exhibit High Energy / Value Urgency ​

Be Proactive / Create & Initiate​

Compete, Practice, Dig Deep ​

Stay Wholly Healthy - physical, mental, spiritual​

Stay Eager and Be Appreciative​

Dream Big​

Live Charitably​


Diversity - Support Local – Sustainability

Our Journey so far….

(thru 2020)

Embracing Differences​


Business Ownership Ozarks Region



Business Ownership Ozarks Region


Supporting Local​​

“Across NWA’s 4 county area, more than 25K children were food insecure in 2016.”

- Feeding America

“Almost half of children in Northwest Arkansas – 48%– are growing up in families with low incomes, or …. are less educated.”

- AR Advocates

“In 2016, 40.6 million Americans had incomes below the government’s official poverty line, which was $24,339 for a family of four, including two children. Of those below the poverty line — 12.7 percent of the population — nearly 5 million were moms or dads heading single-parent families; 8.7 million were children under 18 in these single-parent homes.” “…Together, single-parent families and their children totaled almost 14 million people, which is roughly a third of all people in poverty. If, magically, a third of America’s poor escaped poverty, the change would (justifiably) be hailed as a triumph of social policy.”

- Samuelson, Robert. “Opinion | Don’t Deny the Link between Poverty and Single Parenthood – The Washington Post.”

Food Security

  • Partnering with Faith Based Ministries to feed 80+ families weekly​
  • Volunteering time and $ monthly

Child Poverty

  • Sponsored the startup of 65 Independent Cleaning Businesses & continue to service & support 47 of these businesses creating ~120 full & part-time jobs​



Green Cleaning

“We Educate Service Providers on Green Cleaning Process & Green Chemicals to meet customer requirements or desires to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and improve indoor air quality”​


Water Conservation ​

“Using Flat Microfiber Mopping Systems on 2/3rds of sqft serviced saves ~20K gallons of water weekly or 1.04 million gallons annually… that’s enough to supply a family of four for 7 years on average.”


Carbon Neutral​

Plan - CO 2 Neutral 2025


Plan Management via...